Wednesday, November 28, 2012

That thing with the ground beef

1 pound ground beef
1 can cream of mushroom soup in a can with a pull-top lid
1/2 of a soup can of milk
1 cup of rice (can be white/quicker or brown/better for you)

A frying pan, a cooking pot with a lid, a big spoon or a metal spatula to stir with, a measuring cup, a stove

First, the rice
Put a cup of rice and two cups of water in the pan.
Put the pan on the stove and turn that burner to high.
When the water boils, turn the heat way down and put the lid on the pot.
Set the timer: 20 minutes for white rice or 40 for brown rice.
When the timer goes off, take the rice all the way off the stove and let it sit for five minutes.
Then it's ready.

Second, the sauce
Start this as soon as you set the timer for white rice, or twenty minutes after you set it for brown.
Put the ground beef in the frying pan on the stove, and turn the heat on to almost the highest setting.
When you hear it start to sizzle, start breaking it apart with your spatula or spoon.
Keep stirring it around until it's all in little bits and all brown.
Turn the heat down most of the way.
Add the soup and the milk and stir until everything is mixed together completely and you see it bubble a couple of times.
Take it off the heat.

When the rice and the sauce are both done, serve the sauce on the rice. And remember to eat a vegetable.

Optional stuff that makes it taste better and is optional
Onion or garlic powder: when the sauce is hot, sprinkle some on top and stir it in and taste and decide if you want to add more.

Actual garlic, minced in little pieces: when the beef is mostly but not all the way brown, add a tablespoon or two of it to the pan and stir a lot.

Actual onion chopped in pieces maybe the size of a fingernail, about a quarter cup worth: when the beef is still mostly red but you've got it broken up into pieces, add the onion to the pan and stir a lot.

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