Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pumpkin Pie

Shopping advice:
1. The recipe is on the pumpkin pie mix can.  Make sure you have the condensed milk and the eggs you'll need, and the pie crust is from Pillsbury and sold from a refrigerator case in the store.

2. The world wants you to make two pies at a time.  You can tell because the condensed milk comes in 11-ounce cans and you'll have a lot left if you make just one.  And you can tell because the pie crusts come two in a box.  And you can tell because you want two pumpkin pies right now while you're reading the recipe.

3.  If the recipe says to add sugar, it isn't pumpkin pie mix. It's just pumpkin.  You may be able to remember to add the sugar, but if you're my child, you shouldn't risk it.  Put down the can of pumpkin, and find the can of pumpkin pie mix that doesn't need you to add sugar.

Do what it says on the pie crust box.  Then do what it says on the pumpkin pie mix can.  Then enjoy.

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