Monday, January 14, 2013

Buy a lemon every two weeks

Lemons are cheap, and make many nice things nicer.

You can put lemon in your tea, hot or iced.

You can use lemon to make salad dressing.

You can add a little lemon to any vegetable--and it's especially nice on sautéed spinach or kale.

You can use lemon on your easy chicken thigh

For company, you can cook a whole chicken by cutting open a lemon, squeezing the juice over the whole bird, and putting the two halves inside the bird while it cooks.

For fancy pork chops, you can sautée some lemon slices in the olive oil at a low heat for a few minutes (until the kitchen smells great), take the lemon out, and brown the pork chops in the lovely lemon flavored oil.  Then add some chicken stock or some wine or some water, cover, and let them cook until done.

Buy a lemon.

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