Friday, December 7, 2012

Ingredients that are good

First, I'm loving Bon Appétit's Seal of Approval list.  Since reading, I've started buying King Arthur flour and planning to buy Scharffen-Berger chocolate the next time I see it.  And Barilla seems likely to become standard pasta.

And then, some things about ingredients:

Land-o-Lakes is a coop.  I buy their butter because I like locally rooted capital, even if local is a thousand miles away.

At the rate I use sugar, maybe I should buy the pour-box instead of the bag.

Basmati rice is nice stuff.

Grated parmesan from the deli section is much better than the Kraft green tube.  Hand-grated parmegiano reggiano is better than both, but only if you have the tools and the time to do the grating.

Raisins are always good to have.

Buying a lemon and an onion every week will probably result in better eating.

Chicken liver, sauteed in butter, does as much to improve your mood as steak, for a much smaller price.

My children do not like applesauce.  This is a mystery.

Ground beef may not be just a piece of beef put through a grinder.  There could be pink slime.  Ick.  I buy Laura's Lean when I don't do Marksbury Farms, counting on it to be cow with grinder.

Nestle does icky stuff with baby formula.  I can't stay away from their chocolate chips, but I don't buy anything else they make.  

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